Make your Home Bug-Free With ChinChex Bed Bug Insecticide

Suffering from bed bugs? You can get rid of the bed bugs in your home without needing to wash all your clothes or purchasing expensive steam machines. The preferred tool for killing bed bugs among some of the most reputed bed bugs control companies in the world is now being adapted for domestic use.

ChinChexⓇ DIY Bed Bugs Insecticide

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See how ChinChex’s bed bugs control insecticide works in less than 24 hours and eradicate all the bugs.


ChinCheXⓇ Bed Bug Insecticide is a mix of four different very fine and light amorphous silica dust that have been developed to combine their properties to achieve a fast and effective solution for treating areas infested with bed bugs.

This silica mix gives ChinCheXⓇ unique properties for fighting bed bugs. The bed bugs control insecticide will stick to their bodies, drain the wax coating in their exoskeleton and, after that, dehydrate them to death in less than 24 hours. Also, thanks to its stickiness, it is enough that the bedbugs only walk through a very thin layer of ChinCheXⓇ for it to take effect.

 You can scroll down to see a video showing bed bugs being killed by ChinCheXⓇ.

It is extremely important that you follow the tutorials section in order to ensure maximum success is achieved.

"ChinCheXⓇ is extremely good for bed bugs control"

Dr. Richard Naylor, Ph.D. The University of Sheffield. 

Dr. Naylor is an entomologist from the University of Sheffield with more than 15 years of experience studying bed bugs. He is famous worldwide as one of the top scientists in the field of researching bed bugs. 

He has performed extensive lab tests on ChinCheXⓇ, comparing it to the best products available in the world. These tests verified that ChinCheXⓇ has extremely potent efficacy and is powerful in eradicating bed bugs completely. You can read the report for yourself here

If you want to know more about Dr Naylor’s work, you can follow the links below:


Studied and searched for remedies to bed bug problem, learned DE does not kill them solely. ChinCheX tests proved that working alone it kills the bed bugs, as long as there is no disruption. It took a couple weeks to actually not see any bugs, but it has done what it promised so far, about two weeks into my battle.


FINALLY, SOMETHING WORKED! After using DE and foggers for over 6 months it seemed that the suckers were indestructible... But CHINCHEX solved the problem in 2 weeks!!!

K.P. Palacios

At last, we can buy something that works for bed bugs in Hong Kong

Mr Kam


The ChinChex insecticide for bed bugs is powerful, eco-friendly and safe for humans as well as for pets. ChinChex bed bugs control insecticide not only kill bugs but also prevent it from reappearing. ChinChex, if applied properly, can protect your home from bed bugs for up to 10 years. 

Learn how you can get rid of bed bugs with ChinChex’s bed bugs insecticide dust without spending fortunes on bed bug control companies.